RAT Tracker

Students, faculty, ​and staff at B.C. postsecondary institutions can anonymously self-report the results of their RATs (rapid antigen tests) below. The form asks for the date of the test, the age range of the individual tested, the result of the test (positive or negative), and the postsecondary institution attended. No personal or identifying information will be collected. 

The data collected will be aggregated and displayed on this site (results uploaded daily). Please note that this site/tracker is not affiiliated with UBC or B.C. provincial health authorities. 

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RAT Tracker

Result of Rapid Antigen Test

Self-Reported RAT Results, Over Time

Self-Reported RAT Results, by Age

Self-Reported RAT Results, by Institution

Self-Reported RAT Results at B.C. Postsecondary Institutions