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RAT Tracker

Students, faculty, ​and staff at B.C. postsecondary institutions who have anonymously self-reported the results of their RATs (rapid antigen tests) below... 


The data collected will be aggregated and displayed on this site (results uploaded weekly). Please note that this site/tracker is not affiiliated with UBC or B.C. provincial health authorities. 

Update: Please note that severe restrictions on access to rapid tests were introduced in mid January — a change which is reflected in the results below. UBC will be providing access to RATs for symptomatic students, faculty, and staff as of February 7th, 2022.  

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Self-Reported RAT Results, Over Time

Self-Reported RAT Results, by Age

Self-Reported RAT Results, by Institution

Self-Reported RAT Results at B.C. Postsecondary Institutions

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